About Us

With over twenty years of safety training for collision repair shops, AAMS has proven to be a trusted leader. The industry has changed drastically with technology being the driving force. More companies need to consolidate time without compromising quality. AAMStraining.com provides the ability to maximize efficiency while maintaining comprehensive safety training online.

With a simple click of the mouse, you can jump onboard with our new online safety and compliance program that includes Initial, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual tasks. We supply you with the tools used by experts to help your shop maintain compliance with OSHA & EPA rules/regulations. We’ve streamlined the compliance tasks to be quick, easy yet comprehensive to help the busy shop owner/manager save time.

Our friendly & knowledgeable team is always available for questions and/or to assist you.

Please contact a team member to learn more about how AAMStraining.com can help you and your shop get compliant!


"The AAMS Team do a fantastic job for ICC Collision Centers. They take all the hassle out of safety compliance and training for our staff. We have all the tools we need to avoid an safety issues and non compliance costs. The program is a fantastic tool complete with monthly safety training tools and annual safety training along with the compliance piece to give us real peace of mind."

Peter James, ICC Collision Centers Inc.